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Collection: 12ply / Chunky Possum / Cashmere / Silk

This luxury yarn is exquisitely soft and silky, pill-resistant and robust, comprising of 40% NZ Brushtail Possum, 40% NZ Cashmere and 20% Silk.

73m per 50g

$35 for a 50g skein

Best Quality 12ply / Chunky Weight yarn.

Small batch, hand-dyed yarn from my little studio in Lower Hutt, Aotearoa/New Zealand. Everything, from sourcing the yarn to shipping, is done with love and care by hand. The nature of hand-dyed yarn is that no two skeins are exactly the same, creating beautifully nuanced colourways. 

I source finest quality, fully traceable and mulesing-free, ethically, sustainably farmed yarns from New Zealand and abroad.  

The dyes I use are made in Australia and New Zealand.  They are acid dyes that are used for dyeing protein-based fibre (such as wool and silk). I take every care to use only the quantities necessary to create my colourways. This means that the dyepot is fully exhausted when the dyeing is complete - that is, the water is clear, so I can reuse the same water for the next batch.

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  • 12ply Possum / Cashmere / Silk 'Ace of Cups'
    12ply Possum / Cashmere / Silk 'Ace of Cups'
    Heather Weir
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