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Welcome to the Sock Club!!

Kick back and enjoy a regular delivery of beautifully curated, hand-dyed sock yarn to your door...

Choose from a three, six or twelve month subscription to the Sock Club. Once a month you will receive one 100g skein and one 20g skein of 4ply Corriedale sock yarn in two different colourways that pair beautifully together.

Check out the Pinterest board I created for some great sock-knitting inspiration and links to patterns here!!

The sock image here is taken from Ravelry and shows the Guðbjörg socks by Hélène Magnússon

The Colourways

Each month will be designated its own unique pairing of two colourways that I will choose based on their fabulousness together. For example, the colourways for March might be Ace of Cups & That Moon, and the colourways for August might be Moss & Lavender, and so on... There will be no double-ups over the year, so if you choose the 12 month subscription you'll get 24 different colourways (12 on 100g and 12 on 20g). 

Everyone receiving a delivery in the same month will get the same colourways, regardless of whether they are receiving a 3, 6 or 12 month club. 

Please note that the colourways are not exclusive only to this club, and I cannot take requests for specific colourways to be in your club.

The images shown in this listing are by way of example only.

The Timing

You can start your subscription anytime in the year. 

Your subscription will end after you've received your chosen number of months' worth of yarn. 

Your yarn will be shipped in the last week of each month.

Your first set will be shipped to you at the end of the following month after you place your order. For example, if you order in September your first delivery will be at the end of October. Alternatively, you can choose the month for your yarn delivery to start (as long as it's not the same month your order in), eg., you can place your order in February and specify that you'd like your deliveries to start in June. If you'd like to do this, please add a note to your order or email me and let me know which month you'd like your deliveries to begin in.

The Price

All prices include shipping.

3 month subscription : $175 

6 month subscription : $345

12 month subscription : $680

In purchasing a Sock Club you agree to my terms and conditions, please read these before purchasing here.

The Yarn

In each delivery (set), you will receive 1 x 100g skein and 1 x 20g of exquisite quality pure NZ Manawatū Corriedale 4ply yarn. Corriedale has a very similar squish and softness to Merino but is harder wearing, longer lasting and more pill-resistant. Beautifully cozy and supple to work with and wear. It's the perfect, all-natural sock yarn (and is great for mittens and other projects too!)

415m per 100g.

General Info 

I make small batch, hand-dyed yarn from my little studio in Te Awakairangi Lower Hutt, Aotearoa New Zealand. Everything, from sourcing the yarn to shipping, is done with love and care by hand. The nature of hand-dyed yarn is that no two skeins are exactly the same, creating beautifully nuanced colourways. I recommend alternating skeins when knitting with any hand-dyed yarn (even from the same batch) for this reason.

I source finest quality, fully traceable and mulesing-free, ethically, sustainably farmed yarns from Aotearoa and abroad.  

The dyes I use are made in Australia and Aotearoa.  They are acid dyes that are used for dyeing protein-based fibre (such as wool and silk). I take every care to use only the quantities necessary to create my colourways. This means that the dyepot is fully exhausted when the dyeing is complete.