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5ply Bluefaced Leicester 'Carey'

5ply Bluefaced Leicester 'Carey'

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Colour Description

"The wind is in from Africa, last night I couldn't sleep, Oh you know it sure is hard to leave here, Carey, but it's really not my home. My fingernails are filthy, I've got beach tar on my feet..."

From 'Carey', Joni Mitchell, 1971  

Joni spent some time in the late 60's living in the 'Hippie Caves' of Matala, in Crete. There were no houses to stay in, “just two grocery stores, a bakery where the owner made fresh yogurt and bread, a general store with the only phone in town, two cafes and a few rental huts,” Joni recalled in an interview. The song 'Carey' was written for her fellow cave-dweller and is the inspiration for this colourway. Mediterranean blue, sandstone, silver, tobacco, and a hint of lilac summon the sleepy vibe of this hippy tourist cave-town.

Take a listen.

This colourway is part of the Goddess of Folk collection, check out some of the visual inspiration here.

Small batch hand-dyed.

Yarn Description

Soft, strong and lustrous with a superior drape, Bluefaced Leicester yarn is perfect for most projects. This 5ply BFL is particularly amazing knitted up into mittens or socks.

262m per 100g

Small batch, hand-dyed yarn from my little studio in Lower Hutt, Aotearoa/New Zealand. Everything, from sourcing the yarn to shipping, is done with love and care by hand. The nature of hand-dyed yarn is that no two skeins are exactly the same, creating beautifully nuanced colourways. 

I source finest quality, fully traceable and mulesing-free, ethically, sustainably farmed yarns from New Zealand and abroad.  

The dyes I use are made in Australia and New Zealand.  They are acid dyes that are used for dyeing protein-based fibre (such as wool and silk). I take every care to use only the quantities necessary to create my colourways. This means that the dyepot is fully exhausted when the dyeing is complete.