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Caking Service

Caking Service

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Let me wind those lovely skeins into yummy little cakes for you, ready for use. Add this service to your cart if you are buying skeins that are not pre-orders.

Please add the number of 'caking service's you require per skein, for example, if you have ordered six skeins and you want them all caked up, please add six 'Caking Service's to your cart.  If you would like fewer skeins caked please specify which skeins you would like (eg, if you have ordered six skeins but only want three caked, please add three 'Caking Service's to your cart and add a note letting me know which ones you'd like me to do).

NZ$5 per cake

Please note that once your skein of yarn has been caked it is non-refundable under any circumstance so please choose your yarn carefully!

How to start using your cake

You want to work with the end of the yarn which is in the centre of the cake, this way your cake of yarn will hold its shape and not roll around or get tangled up but will unravel from the inside as you knit / weave / crochet. Nifty!

Pinch your thumbs and forefingers together and insert them into the top and bottom of the cake until they meet.  Where your fingers touch is roughly where the end of the yarn is that you want to pick up and pull out. Gently pull out a strand of yarn, if it's not the very end of the yarn it will be close to it so don't worry if you pull out a small ball of yarn - the end will be in there.