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DIY Dye Kits
DIY Dye Kits
DIY Dye Kits
DIY Dye Kits
DIY Dye Kits
DIY Dye Kits
DIY Dye Kits
DIY Dye Kits
DIY Dye Kits
DIY Dye Kits

DIY Dye Kits

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Start your dyeing journey with this carefully curated kit to get you on your way. You can safely create your own beautiful colourways at home using just this kit plus some basics from your kitchen. 

The kit includes:

  • two skeins of 8ply (DK) pure Merino yarn,
  • three 100g pots of Landscapes Dye (this is enough to dye twenty or more skeins of yarn so you will have plenty left over to use for future dyeing)
  • measuring spoons,
  • 2 carbon filter face masks,
  • chemical gloves,
  • sieve,
  • mordant,
  • re-useable cable ties,
  • detailed written instructions for dyeing 
  • a recipe to create your chosen colourway (unless you have selected 'custom colourway')

All you need to provide at home is water, a heat source (such as a stovetop or induction burner), paper towels, a small amount of wool wash, a bucket and the following items which cannot be used for food preparation afterwards:

a large stainless steel pot

a glass jar or measuring cup

a large spoon for stirring (a metal slotted spoon is best but a wooden spoon is also fine)

a knife such as a butter or regular dinner knife.

Choose from five colour options : Fuschia, Midnight, Butterscotch, Thyme or Custom. 'Custom' means you can choose three dyes to experiment with and create your own unique colourway/s. If you select Custom, please add in the 'notes' section of your order the three dye colours you would like me to add to your kit.

You do not need to attend a dye workshop to be able to use this kit but I do recommend coming along to one for some tips and tricks and to learn how to create a more nuanced, semi-solid colourway.

A little about Landscapes Dye:

Landscapes Dye is a premium quality dye for use with protein based fibres such as wool, silk, mohair and alpaca. 

Made in Australia, these dye colours are inspired by the flora and fauna of Australia and with this extensive and beautiful palette you can create limitless colourways of your own. All colours can be mixed together.

The colour displayed on each label is a reasonably accurate indication of the colour of the dye. Please keep in mind, when dyeing, that colours will 'take' differently on different fibres/bases. I cannot offer refunds on used dyes so please choose carefully and enjoy discovering some gorgeous new colours.