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Fleece for spinning or felting, ‘Oneroa’
Fleece for spinning or felting, ‘Oneroa’

Fleece for spinning or felting, ‘Oneroa’

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Corriedale Top, 26 microns

This is the finest quality Top fibre to be found in the Country. This 26 Micron Manawatū Corriedale yarn has been carded, gilled and combed to produce the best quality yarns or felt. The fibre is combed to provide spinning fibre in which all the fibres are parallel. This preparation is best suited to worsted or semi worsted spinning. It is also perfect for needle or wet felting.

$30 for a 100g braid

Colour Description

'Oneroa' (previously named 'Pito-one') is a colourway inspired by walking the long stretch of pebble and shell-flecked sand on the beach near where I live. It consists of beautiful silvery greys, warm ochre, blues and jewel tones. 

10% of the profits from this colourway goes to support the work of Taki Rua Productions, Aotearoa's foremost Māori theatre company. Read more about their work here.

Small batch hand-dyed.